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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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son because like he didn't care what was going on. he wasn't afraid. he just want toddy pepped his mom. >> tonight the message to her attacker. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. a mother brutally attacked while several people just stand around watching and taking videos. her small son stepping in trying to stop the beating and save his mom. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. to night that mother says she wants her attacker to do the right thing and turn herself in. let's get you right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser live at salem police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, tonight police have a warrant for la tia harris she's the... >> i could have been dead right now and she hit me in the right spot it would have been over. over nothing. >> reporter: in pain and fighting back tears 27 year old catherine ferrara bravely spoke out thursday she's the victim scene on tape being viciously
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beaten in front of her two year old son and bystanders with cameras. >> we're supposed to set an example. you're in your 20s. i'm in my 20s, you know, like what are you doing. >> reporter: no one came forward to help the 4-foot nine, 100-pound woman during the taped beating except her two year old son. he repeatedly kicked the suspect 25 year old la tia harris trying oh get her to stop. >> he wasn't afraid. he just want toddy fend his mom. that's my world right there. like i love that boy so much. >> he's only two years old. so he didn't even no what to do. he did what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: ferrara believes at tack was over a comment she made to a couple of friends about harris and her manager at mcdonald's. >> it's just a job or just guy. there's so much more to life. >> reporter: police say harris left her post at mcdonald's in uniform and confronted ferrara a in a field behind mc donald's
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after she had gone there to get a cheeseburger for her son. >> not only a lack of regard for human live says something about the general morality of people. >> i'm scared, like, you know, because she made threats about my life, my child. >> through it all ferrare who hopes to become surgeon after college kept her sense of humor. even after a brutal attack. >> mcdonald's and i want cheeseburger. hold the beating. >> reporter: la tia harris has been charged with assault and two counts of terroristic threats. her bail has been set at $35,000 coming up at 6:00 more from that mom about this beating. dawn? >> all right. thank you, dave. a teenager is facing attempted murder charges accused of stabbing his neighbors yesterday in olney. police say 18 year old anthony waters got into their home on the 5900 block of north fourth street through an unlocked back door. fox 29 was there as police broke down that door atwaters home.
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investigators say he wanted to steal and sell his neighbor' cars but the victim surprised him. 71 year old woman and a 54 year old man were both stabbed several times. police say when they showed up on the scene, waters was hosing the area down. he is facing a itemed murder, burglary and other charges. >> delaware state trooper shot tuesday morning is upgraded to stable condition. police say 26 year old corporal lloyd mccann was responding to a domestic incident in magnolia when the suspect tried to take off. investigators say the 29 year old suspect fired shots at the trooper. the trooper shot and killed him. major traffic troubles in one part of new jersey as another local bridge is closed for emergency repairs. this time it's white horse road bridge in camden county, new jersey. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in lindenwold tonight. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. if you live in voorhees or use the lindenwold train station, you want to listen up. it is going to be a headache and it's going to be for a long time.
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look behind me. this is white horse road. you see camden county bridge inspectors right there coming in. this is an average of 26,000 vehicles a day. this road has been now shut down. what you see there is the overpass bridge going over the high speed line that was deemed unsafe this morning and immediately shut down by engineers. we were actually able to see the gaping holes of rust and deterioration the main girders below the under belly of this bridge. the 50 year old bridge is the over pass for the patco high speed line. somerdale police officer actually noticed where the bridge actually dropped about 6-inches. he notified county authorities who inspected it and again closed it immediately. the bridge is owned by camden county. it was inspected in october and slated tori pairs two weeks from now. but a very harsh winter of rock salt and anti icing chemicals, well this bridge is now paying the price.
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>> that mix and chemical compound of water, salt, freezing conditions being extreme for such a long period of time that hayes send the development of the deterioration. >> reporter: well, now the bad news. for many commuters here, the lindenwold high speed line who use this road, this bridge and road is closed for what we are told an extended period until engineers kind of figure out if this bridge to be repaired or it needs to be replaced. either way it will be most likely months before it is reopened. if you use this road white horse road, find alternate routes and leave yourself some extra time. dawn? >> all right, not a good situation there, thank you, chris. terrifying home inn vague in the strawberry mansion of section early this morning. police say two men stormed a man's home on the 2700 block of burke street. investigators say they hit the man in the head with a gun and tied him up. police say the suspects made off with the man's mercedes, flat
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screen tv and money. fortunately the vick testimony was not seriously hurt. police say they have no suspects at this time. >> the philadelphia water department worked today to clean up a big mess in the rhawnhurst section. all caused with a water main break. this is the 8800 block of bradford street officials say there was an 8-inch break there this morning. you can see the destruction it caused. people in the area had to go without water for a time but it has since been turned back on. >> turning now to your fox 29 weather authority, here's a live look right now at old city. temperatures hit close to the 90s in some parts of our area. cooler air, though, had heed our way let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> drier air, lower humidity. yesterday it felt down right tropical across our area. 86 degrees right now. a mixture of sun and clouds. dry conditions, humidity not that bad at 40%. thanks to that wind direction out of the normal northwest at 9 miles per hour. dragging down drier air. satellite and radar right now just showing scattered clouds, the rainfall closest approach
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well to the west of us. i think we'll dry as we move into the remainder of your evening. but look at the wind direction. out of the north so that drier air is dropping the dew point temperatures and also lowering that humidity. mid 80s right now in atlantic city as well as millville. we have 84 in reading. 83 right now in allentown. nice night for baseball at citizens bank park. we're looking at temperatures by first pitch right around 84 degrees and we'll keep the wind direction generally out of the north northwest at about 10 miles per hour. so coming up we'll talk much more about the humidity as it continues to drop across the area and are you making plans for the upcoming weekend? we have that preview with the seven day forecast coming up. i think you'll like it, too. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, scott. world cup fever will stay with us for at least a few more days. u.s. men's soccer team will move on to the knock out round despite ooh one-nil loss to the germans in the final game of group play in brazil. our bruce gordon joining us to
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explain why american fans were cheering a lot. if you were distracted at work this midday unproductive while stealing a glass to check out this game you were not alone. 2014 world cup made soccer fans out of lots of us. >> usa! >> reporter: first fans began arriving at dawn. by noontime opening kick, corner of 15th and locust was buzzin buzzing. >> usa! >> reporter: enthusiastic yo plover crowd of americans for midday midweek soccer game? decade ago it would have been unthinkable. the sport is starting to take hold here. watching it with friends is the way to go. >> oh, comradery of having everybody together and cheering for one cause which makes it great. >> get you so pumped up and you're just like really for the united states even if you think like your fan teams are going to beat us you're all over it and really excite. >> fado's screened every game this world cup.
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they began planning for the event 18 months ago. everything had to be just right. the beer, the staffing, the security to keep the 15th street sidewalk clear and safe. the result, well, let's just say this isn't your typical thursday lunch crowd. >> we've been full for every game. even the ones -- it's been fantastic. >> late in the first half we found kevin anderson standing in line just to get inside the bar. >> reporter: using missing some of the game by being in this line waiting to get in. >> it's taking forever. hopefully we'll get in, too. >> those who made it inside fell silent and germany's thomas mueller hammered home a rebound in the 55th minute for a one to nothing lead. >> in the final minute of the match the americans came close to equalizing but a clint democracy header sailed just over the cross bar. >> it ended bum one-nil germany giving them top spot in group g. why were these american fans cheering. >> usa! >> reporter: because two teams move on from each group and the team right behind them ird
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place ghana also lost. making the u.s. defeat almost as good as a victory. >> the most important thing that we advance. that's all that matters because we live to see another day day. >> reporter: that other day is next tuesday when the americans will face either belgium or algeria in the round of 16. we'll know who they play in about an hour. either way, the americans lose, it's timing to home. iain and dawn? >> all right. fingers crossed. bruce, tnk you. 97 year old man with a $40 millio fortune dies with no family and no will. >> so what happened to all that money? how a lover from his past could reply the benefits. and over the counter acne treatments promise to clear up skin but it could come at a price. some products today cause dangerous side effects. an important warning from the fda still ahead. >> and a boy reported missing for nearly two weeks is found in his own home. who he says was helping him hide there. >> and a six year old is tearing up a local race track. yes, that is him behind the wheel. he shares his need for speed
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still ahead. >> howard? >> all right. i'm here on a big night for the 76ers. now what i am is trying to remain inn kognito but they have shut out the immediate yes from any information but i'm trying to ferret it out. we'll have something that could be happening. that will be coming up in sports.
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>> we're following breaking news right now in north philadelphia. skyfox over the 300 block of indiana street where there are reports two people have been shot. police are on the scene investigating. we are still working to get more information about the shooting victims and what happened before they were wounded. we will of course give you an update as soon as we get more information. >> burglary leads to gas leak and evacuation in a northeast philadelphia neighborhood. police say someone tried to steal a drier from a home on the 1800 block of foley avenue early this morning. the burglar apparently struck a pipe which caused the leak. people in the area were evacuated. but we're told that leak has been sealed off and everyone has been allowed back in their homes. so far though no arrests. and right now police are searching for a gunman after an armed robbery at a 7eleven in fishtown. this is surveillance video of the incident it happened at the 7eleven on west girard avenue. the robber waited for all the customers to leave before he pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the register. if you recognize this guy or if
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you have any information about this robbery call 911 right aw away. >> the region's black clergy says philadelphia's da should have taken a pass on allegations that city elected officials took cash from an informant. fox 29's jeff cole is in the newsroom with some details of the clergy's reasoning, jeff. >> reporter: this is the burning issue of four legislator and former traffic court judge allegedly accepting cash in one instance bracelet from an informant sent in by state investigators. attorney general kathleen kane killed the investigation. the philly da revised it last week by taking it to grand jury. this morning members of the black clergy of philadelphia argued that williams should have killed the probe just like attorney general ka inform e. the four city legislator and former traffic court judge alleged to have taken the gifts have been taped doing it. the black clergy says investigators should not have used an informant with a troubled past to entrap the elected officials. we asked clergy if they think the elected officials could have
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simply refused the cash. >> when the undercover is here mr. ali offered any of these representatives money simply couldn't they have said no? >> the fact of the matter is you're innocent until proven guilty, all right? and if i'm accused of a crime, i'm innocent until i'm proven guilty. everyone of these individuals they have to go to through the due process. i don't know whether they took money from mr. ali. i can't tell you that. >> reporter: in statement district attorney selling whim yum asked concerned members of the public to wait until the grand jury releases its findin findings. the four legislators and traffic court judge have said either they did nothing wrong or they simply can't recall taking gifts. folks? >> all right, thank you, jeff. two new york men are suing the new jersey lottery after they throughout a winning powerball ticket worth a million dollars. the men say the lottery didn't
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post the accurate winning numbers from the march 23rd drawing online fast enough. they claim they check the website for the numbers as soon as the drawing was over and when the numbers didn't match their ticket they tossed it in the trash. they realized they won when they saw the winning numbers the next day. >> philadelphia police say they have connected a bank robbery suspect to at least four other heists. police say daniel connelly robbed wells fargo on the 9100 block of roosevelt boulevard on tuesday. police tracked him to a septa bus soon after. skyfox over the scene after police stopped the bus a cottman avenue. investigators say connelly was passenger. police say they have connected him to three other bank robberies an wawa robbery all happening in philadelphia earlier this month. >> a youth tennis organization in philadelphia gets a big boost for its summer camp program. the citizens bank foundation gave a $20,000 grant today to the legacy youth tennis and education organization. the money will help 280 students attend camp this summer for just a dollar 50 a day or they can
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attend the and tire summer camp for $50. >> we are thrilled that we have partners like citizens that enable us to give many, many kids in philadelphia and the surrounding region a great summer experience. >> it's not all tennis at this summer camp part of the program campers and tennis instructors will take 20 minutes of their day for silent reading. some of our region's go to beaches are the cleanest in the country. recent nationwide bacteria test shows that several beaches meet the national water quality standards. 98% of the time over the past five years. among the best, dewey beach considered a super star. also ranking high, stone harbor, wildwood crest, avalon, sea isle city and margate. >> and turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at camelbac l beach water park in the poconos. after the storms the heat was back today making this perfect place to cool off and have some fun as well. chief meteorologist scott
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williams has a look at what's ahead and hopefully thumbs up, scott. the weather looking much improved considering all of the thunderstorm activity from last night. take a look at ultimate doppler. this is the radar recap. we were watching that slow moving line of showers and thunderstorms move out of the lehigh valley along the heart of the i-95 corridor right around midnight and then it weakened once it moved down the shore so that system it's out of here. right now we have some scattered clouds across the region. pretty comfortable as well considering yesterday we saw those dew points in the mid 70s across our area. so the winds they have shifted out of the north that's drawing in some drier air across our area right now sustained winds out of the north in philadelphia at about 9 miles per hour. so currently it's 86 degrees but look at the humidity at 40%. so not as uncomfortable as it was yesterday. as we go county by county taking new new castle county, mid 80s right now in bear, delaware, middletown, 86. over in camden county, camden 84 degrees right now. voorhees checking in at 84.
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as you move into ocean and burlington counties, we have 87 in medford lakes. 84 degrees right now in toms river. mercer county, trenton right now 82 degrees. so scattered clouds, not as humid as it was this same time yesterday if you're stepping outdoors but it stays warm across our area. lowering humidity by 11:00 o'clock tonight. temperatures in the upper 70s. we have that weekend forecast for down the shore as well as the pocono mountains coming up with that seven day forecast. >> all right. scott, thank you. two teens abandoned for days with no food or water. guess this. they remember in jail cell. what officials are now saying about this big mistake. >> and a woman on vacation in florida with her family loses her life after being hit by a car on the beach. what police say the driver did just seconds before he slammed into her. ♪
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>> a roof collapse stepped at least 30 people to the hospital near houston. the collapse happened this afternoon in the garage of this home. you can see crews taking away some victims in ambulances much dozens of people were at the home. it's unclear why so many people were gathered there but at least 30 as i said were taken to hospitals. no word yet on what caused the collapse. >> what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop results in a human smuggling bust.
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in texas police stop an suv and find eight illegal immigrants hidden inside. the suspected smugglers were handcuffed and loaded into police vehicles. authorities say the victims may be given temporary visa to help with the investigation as witnesses. after the smugglers they could face felony charges and jail time. a man learns on live tv that his missing son has been found safe and sound but his reaction is making lot of people uneasy. last night nancy grace broke the news to the boy's father charles on the her show on headline news. that clip was posted on her website and she delivered the news police had found the boy in the detroit family's basement after a 12 day search. >> charlie, we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement.
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sir? are you -- what? >> yeah. we are getting reports that your son has been found alive in your basement. what? >> he claims he had no idea his son was in the basement investigatorinvestigators say ts his stepmom was helping him hide there there's evidence the boy had been beaten with pvc pipe. the father admits to disciplining his son but says there was never any abuse. >> there's only evidence that there was a crime committed inform crime committed here. that's not what happened. >> any sort of -- any other sort of abuse. there was blood evidence taken out of that house. yeah. there was no abuse of my son. >> the stepmom tells police the boy was worried about how his father would react after he didn't complete his strict daily exercise routine. no charges have been filed. investigation is underway to figure out how two teens were forgotten in a county jail sell for three nights. it happened in douglas county, georgia, last weekend.
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police say a 16 and 17 year old were placed in the cell friday afternoon and no one came back for them until monday morning the sheriff says there's no way the teens should have been overlooked. >> in front of these people were two red lights indicating that these cells were lock meaning that somebody was in it. but we're supposed to make shower that all cells are open and there's nobody in the cell at the end of the day. we didn't do that. >> the teens allegedly did not have toilet paper, food or water. no word why the teens were placed in the cell to begin wi with. >> a 97 year old man was a $40 million fortune dies with no family and no will. >> so what happens to all that money? the ghost from his past that could reap the benefits and over the counter acne treatments promise to clear up skin but it could come at a price. some products could cause dangerous side effects an important warning from the fda still ahead. >> retailers are making your shopping experience quick and easy.
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some stores will even e-mail your receipts. but that may not ab good idea. what the convenience c
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>> police took cunningham into custody at the fox run apartments on chipmunk court in bear. officers where one there as part of on-going drug investigation. they found 312 bag of heroin. he's now behind bars tonight. >> and tonight the neshaminy school board could decide whether to close three of its elementary schools. proposal suggests closing those schools to make way for one brand new super school. fans of the idea say it will save the school district money maintenance cost. last september more than 1300 people signed petitions trying to block that proposal. and a twist in the developing saga surrounding the irs right now. congressional investigators have uncovered an e-mail written by ex official lois lerner she
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appears to target a republican senator for attacks audit. republicans are pouncing on the fresh batch of documents. the senator who was allegedly targeted chuck grassily of iowa. congressional investigators wanted lerner's e-mails as part of their probe into allegations the irs targeted the tea party. and while thousands of e-mails have in fact been turned over two years worth of still missing. reportedly because of a glitch in lerner's hard drive. >> the fact is, we got -- we got to dig down and get to the bottom of this whole scandal and it's been like pulling teeth with the administration. >> republicans want a special prosecutor to get involved here but the obama administration says they're just too many investigators already happening. turning now to your money. have you notice add lot of stores are now giving you the option to have a receipt electronically sent to your in box if you opt for an e receipt are you compromising your privacy ♪ >> shopping is a favorite
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american pastime. >> yeah, i like to shop. >> a trip downtown walking around looking for clothes, electronics, or that perfect gift is part of who we are, and it's been going on for years. but what's new is how we get our receipts. paper or e-mail? >> i prefer to have a paper receipt. mack i'm old-fashioned. >> i like the e-mail. is. >> i like to have record of it and i don't have to file it away physically. i can put it oh and my computer in file. >> national retail chains like macy's and apple now offer e receipts. they're convenient, get sent right to your in box and save paper. >> i can go into cvs and buy toothpaste and i get 4-foot long receipt. i just don't see the point in that. >> what about your privacy? once a business has your e-mail address, your in box can fill up with junk mail. anthony moment lewis so the president of pro computer services. he says there are privacy concerns with e receipts and he wants people to think before giving out their personal
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information. >> anything that you have e-mailed you have to understand is not secure. it could contain information such as address, purchase history if to e-mail goes to the wrong place, it could get publicized. >> once a retailer has your e-mail address, they can send you coop coupons. >> the added bonus of getting coupons in my e-mail is kind of nice. >> coupons. >> you like that. >> i love coupons. >> i might get some more spam from them if they try to e-mail me coupon i'm not worried about that. >> those coupons are also away for a retailer to keep tabs on you. >> the company when they send you that qr code they can have personal identification right on there. so remember any type of discount you're getting is never a discount. the always an exchange for something. >> that something is usually information a retailer wants to build its database. another concern, when a retailer has your e-mail address and gets hacked like target last year, your personal information is at risk. >> people use the same passwords
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so if you're compromised in one location, and you register that e-mail address for let's say your bank, other online shopping sites, you might be breached everywhere. >> many shoppers don't realize how dangerous it is to give a retailer their e-mail address. >> they can have my e-mail. they don't have my social security number or telephone number. >> montgomery allowing so says the safest way to protect your personal information in this today's digital world to opt out of the e receipt. >> ultimate and safe is plain old paper. don't lose the piece of paper. >> so how should you deal with e receipts? consumer experts recommend setting up a separate e-mail account you use only for e receipts. that way you can track them easily and they won't get mixed up with your other e-mails. >> i like paper personally. >> do you? i do, too. i'm scared about that e-mail address stuff. >> all right. new information about that missing malaysia airlines flight. >> officials say it was an auto pilot for hours before it disappeared. where they plan to focus their search coming up. and a six year old little boy is tearing up a local race
5:35 pm
track. yes, that's him behind the whe wheel. he is sharing his need tour speed still ahead. >> and a philadelphia woman hoe hoping to add live to her block turn to the city for help. instead of green leaves she's stuck with dead tree. fox 29 working to get results. scott? >> iain, right now the weather authority looking at the satellite and radar. dry across our area. find out what locations could see some rainfall over the next several days next.
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>> new information tonight in the investigation of the malaysia airlines flight still missing. australian officials announce dag that they believe the plane was on auto pilot for hours before it ran out of fuel and crashed into the southern indian ocean. also, today officials said they will focus their search on new remote part of the ocean off western australia. the flight from malaysia to
5:39 pm
beijing went down on march 8th with 239 people on board. >> in your health news tonight, the fda warns that some over the counter acne medicine can have dangerous side effects. if. da reports some products can cause difficulty breathing, swelling and even fainting. these side effects are linked to ingredients ben sole peroxide or salicylic acid. fda says no one has died but reactions those active ingredients used in a lot of popular brands could be life threatening. there have been 131 reports of these reactions. 44% of the cases required hospitalization. >> wal*mart is helping to make a brand new pier along the delaware become a reality. check it out. the delaware river waterfront corporation and philadelphia mayor michael nutter unveiling the designs for the brand new pier 68. the peer park will serve as the southern trail head for the central delaware trail. the park is in development in segments from pier 70 boulevard north to penn treaty park. a grant from wal*mart is helping to make the new park possible.
5:40 pm
>> it's also an opportunity to take down one more no trespassing sign and provide the public with access and green space that we've talked about for the last few years. pier 68 will offer areas for recreation with hammock style seating as well as fishing and it's expected to open sometime in mid 2015. >> all right. a man with a $40 million fortune passes away with no family and no will. >> well the ghost from his past that could and inherit all that money,. and a woman on vacation in florida with her family loses her life after being hit by a car on a beach. what police say the driver did just seconds before he slammed into the woman. howard? >> i'm here at the sixers draft headquarters and still remaining incognito to try to sort out all the information because they are not permitting media here. i'll let you know w
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>> there's a lady trapped under a vehicle on the beach! somebody just ran over her. stop? do not move the vehicle. >> 911 call from a witness of a horrific scene on florida beach tuesday night much police say 3584 old man drove drunk and hit a 45 year old woman who was vacationing with her family. they say he blew through a gate, rolled on the beach and struck the victim who was out for nighttime walk. >> the girl screaming on the sand and i saw the car and the lady laying under the car. >> us inspect is charged with dui manslaughter and property damage.
5:45 pm
several witnesses rushed to help the woman. but she was pronounced dead on the scene. >> a holocaust survivor who died without a will or close relatives has left $40 million up for grabs. now the question is, who is going to get it? 97 year old roman bloom died two years ago his wife of almost 40 years died before and they had no children. but a woman in poland is claiming dibs on the money. she says she found a will from 1987 that says blum left the money to a former lover. helena. she was pregnant and engaged to bloom when captured bi russians and separated from bloom during world war ii. the will says the money is to go to her but to make up for the loss of their child but a lot of people want the money. >> these people are telling the truth. mr. bloom has to have about 40 sons and 25 daughters. so it's a little bit impossible. >> the staten island public administrator is in charge of roman bloom's $40 million estate. it's believed the money will
5:46 pm
probably go to the state of new york they'll have hearing in august. a local six year old is turning heads on the race course. levittown's bobby klein, leaves, breathes and eats racing. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins him on the track to find out what gets this little boy's motor running. >> so you can still drive the car. >> reporter: this is six year old bobby klein. and this is his baby. >> these are like how many times i won. 120 engine. >> reporter: bobby had the need for speed ever since he was a toddler. >> when he was three and he fell in love with racing it was -- that was it. >> report ro he's already a triple champ. >> race day and he's going for his fourth win in quarter midget racing. >> how about we go writ there. >> he's got on his lucky socks. >> this how i know my right and
5:47 pm
left now. >> reporter: as the setting sun the phoenixville course into silhouette bobby hits the track at speeds up to 25 miles an ho hour. >> started at five. disciplined. they have so many signals that they have to learn just by the flags and communication. they have to know when to stop. they have to know when to go fast, when to go double throttle it's a lot for them to learn. >> reporter: mom donna and dad chuck have trained themselves to have nerves of steel each time bobby revs that engine. >> every time he races my heart is in my throat. >> reporter: bobby's parents say they just want him to have fun. but like any true competitor his love of racing comes from win so anything short of winning just isn't good enough for bobby. second place finish leaves bobby inn consolable. he's playing to win. >> he puts his heart and soul into it. it's tough for him. >> reporter: this this is just the first of many laps in for store little bobby. >> everything is racing. it's just his way.
5:48 pm
it's something that he loves and as a parent we support it. >> reporter: in phoenixville, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> he want to do win. he's got the right attitude, though. that is what it is. very good story by him. >> well the newest member of the good day family made her philadelphia debut this morning take a look at alex holly's big entrance into the fox 29 studios that is morning. ladies and gentlemen our good day host alex holley. come on in. >> wahoo! >> whoo! (applause). >> you know everybody. >> kacie, q, sue, karen. >> welcome. >> thank you, thank you i'm so happy to be here x are you raully? >> yes. >> because you still have time to back out. do i? >> yes. >> i already signed the deal. >> did you sign. it's great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> let's see if you can get through the next two minutes here. >> all right.
5:49 pm
alex holly comes to us from myrtle beach, south carolina a lot of good golf courses there. she couldn't be happier to be here and she's ready to take on mike jerrick and the rest of the good day team starting september 1st. >> we wish her well on the taking on mike jerrick part. >> time now for your fox 29 weather authority. we're looking at nice weather. looking much improved from this same time yesterday. it was around 90 degrees the humidity was up there around 60, 70% across the area satellite and radar right now showing just scattered clouds. the closest rainfall toward the central part of the state and that activity should stay to the west of us. 86 degrees right now. humidity at 40%. so still a little sticky but certainly not what we were dealing with yesterday. the wind direction that makes the difference right now it's out of the north. 87 degrees that was the high temperature for today. we should top out around 85 but the record, it's safe. 100 degrees set back in 1952. sun will set this evening little after 8:30. temperature rise right now we
5:50 pm
have 85 in millville as well as wilmington. 84 in lancaster as well as rea reading. the cool spot right now the pocono mountains checking in at 76 degrees. so as we look at the current winds you can see due north for many locations around our area sustained out of the north at 10 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. so that is helping to dry out our atmosphere as we roll the clock you can see pretty quiet conditions for your thursday night across our area. if you're stepping outdoors, if real weather worse it will be warm. for your friday morning we're looking at a few passing clouds across the area. and i'm going to keep a spotty chance for some showers in the forecast especially toward the lehigh valley and the poconos during the day tomorrow. it's not going to be a wash out or of widespread activity just note that you can see a spotty shower if you live in berks county, lehigh county as well as sections of carbon and monroe county for your friday. so staying warm but not quite as sticky this evening. overnight we'll call it partly cloudy staying mild.
5:51 pm
then for your friday, partly sunny a mixture of sun and clouds. spotty shower chance but the humidity will thankfully be a little lower. temperatures tonight bottom out in the 60s across the area. staying mild and quiet. then moving ahead to your friday mid 80s. not as humid. so all in all, looking good as we kick off the upcoming weeke weekend. for the pocono mountains we'll keep some clouds around. the shower chance for your friday. otherwise, saturday, sunday temperatures top out in the upper 70s near 80 degrees. down the shore, 78 for the high tomorrow. saturday we'll call it dry, 79 and 79 as well on sunday. water temperature actually warming up to around 74 degrees right now. so looking ahead as we move into the upcoming weekend, 84 degre 84 degrees. not bad. we'll give that a 10. sunday, 85 degrees. it looks like this weekend it's going to be nice again. we're really lucking out here but then the heat, the humidity, 90-degree temperatures tuesday as well as wednesday and with that heat and humidity you get
5:52 pm
pop up showers and storms during the heat of the day. >> but we're living for the weekend. >> exactly. >> thanks scott. >> checking in with sports you know the nba draft is tonight. 76ers have the number three pick. howard eskin is the sixers headquarters. any luck finding someone about tonight's draft? >> i actually have and they have not discovered my location yet here at pcom. where all the geniuses are because sam hinkie is going to reinvent the draft. you see the reason that i have to hide is because they're not perming any media to cover this draft. and we'll have no comment after they select the player. so you might remember last week they had security and the police escort the media. so what i've done is i brought my own security here, and the reason i brought my security in case their security comes out, i have my security, so i can do my job to alert the people as to what's going on and there's a lot of activity here and i've spoken to some high level sixers people but it's on the qt don't tell anybody. here are the top four players in
5:53 pm
the draft. and the sixers likely will take anyone of the -- well, they want wiggins. they want andrew wig guns out of kansas but wiggins, jabari parker, joel embiid who has injury problems. out four to six months. they might try to outsmart everybody and dante exum1 of the four players that could be tak taken. now, wiggins is the guy that i'm told the sixers really want, and they're trying to work out a trade with cleveland to move from three to one but cleveland wants the reports right now are three draft picks. the sixers won't do that. so we'll see what happens. but, again, there's lot of activity. helicopters coming in. we'll have more on that at 6:00 o'clock when the helicopters, a lot of analytic people they like to bring in to try to help them with the draft. but we'll let you know tonight at 10:00 o'clock and i'll try to fur out all the information i can. i thought i saw security coming down here. i'm going to hang in there with you guys the world cup is important today. the usa continues and they
5:54 pm
continue with a loss. that's the way the world cup work. it's basically differential and goals. the u.s. a played germany today. and germany scored the only goal of the game. that's thomas muller scores the goal to give germany a one to nothing lead. now, at this point the usa doesn't know that they're in. in the 93rd minute the usa had a great, great attempt to try to score a goal to tie the game. it didn't happen. so one-nil germany wins but there's a celebration after the game because ghana lost and by ghana losing, the usa enters into the final 16 into the knock out round so the usa continues. the sixers as you can see right now i'm telling you there's all kinds of things going on inside the draft headquarters. i'll have more for you at sick clock and tell hugh came down in the helicopter coming up at 6:00. >> all right. howard. we can hardly wait. >> see you at 6:00. maybe.
5:55 pm
>> yeah. >> he's got a big security guard there. all right. we have another half hour full of news straight ahead. all new night at 6:00 o'clock, a city employee under arrest. what police say this woman was caught doing in the middle of the street. >> and a philadelphia woman was hoping to green up her block with a new street tree from the city. but what she got would have had charlie brown shaking his head. fox 29 working to get results. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right after this. ♪
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>> right now at 6:00-a mother brutally attacked while people stood around recording the beating on cell phones. what that mom says about little boy who watched the all happen. >> and a local block captain plants a tree to give her street some life. the problem the tree the provi provided died in just a few weeks and she says no one will do anything about it. fox 29 working to get results. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> first at 6:00 tonight another local bridge shut down for emergency repairs. this time it's white horse road bridge in camden county, new jersey. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm done timmeney. let's get right outside to fox 29's chris o'connell. chris? >> reporter: dawn, the only way you can describe it a
6:00 pm
commuter nightmare for folks here in lindenwold, new jersey. i'm on white horse road right now. this is a read that usually se s about 26,000 vehicles a day. there's not one of them on there now. that's because what you see behind me, that is a road that is closed. that is the overpass to the patco high speed line here on white horse road. it has been completely shut down. take a look from sky fox over the scene this afternoon. you can see the road is right next to the lindenwold train station. once again, 24,000 vehicles a day come down this road. somerdale police officer noticed where you can actually see where an entire deck of the bridge just dropped about 6-inches. you see it right there. he notified county engineers who inspected the bridge. he ordered the emergency closu closure. the deterioration is literally so bad you can see through the holes in the steel girders on those girders under the bridge. the bridge was actually supposed to be repaired


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